Here you will find an overview of all swingers clubs in Germany as well as swinger hotels.

Swingers clubs in Germany with hotel options

Swinging is very popular in Germany. And that is precisely why Germany has a large number of swingers clubs spread all over the country. On this page we tell you more about the many swingers clubs, erotic discotheques and swinger hotels in the country. Most swinger clubs in Germany do not have lodging facilities of their own. Some swinger clubs do give tips for visitors who come from far away about the best place to spend the night. On this page we would like to help you on your way.

  • Swingers club Schloss Milkersdorf (near Cottbus Germany (between Berlin and Dresden) – amazing swingers experience in a beautiful castle. It is not possible to spend the night in the castle, but there is a pick-up and drop-off service from Hotel Lindner (not a swingers hotel) to the club starting at €80 per nightmore information

  • Swingers club Insomnia in Berlin – Berlin is a great city to visit but also worth visiting as swingers. The city has several swingers clubs. A nice swingers club in Berlin is Insomnia Club. You can spend the night at Hotel Berliner Bär (no swingers hotel) starting at €80 per nightmore information

  • Swingers Club Ceasars Palace just across the Dutch/German border in Germany – Swingers Club Ceasars Palace might be the most famous swingers club in Germany. With the slogan “where Gods celebrate”, this club offers you everything you can hope for as a swinger. About 100 km from Venlo, this club is perhaps the ideal destination for a swingers weekend across the border. You can spend the night in the beautiful Golf Hotel Vesper at about 7 km from the clubstarting at €120 per nightmore information

Swinger cruises and regular cruises and swinger parties on shore

Are you looking for a lovely swinger cruise in Germany or in the rest of the world? Than you should definately check the swingers cruises on Swinger Kreuzfahrten.

These swingers cruises can be quite expensive and the number of options worldwide are relatively limited. So why not book a regular cruise (No swingers cruises) and visit the local swingersclubs on shore prior to, during or after the regular cruise. Below you can find swingersclubs in Germany and their distance from the local cruise terminal.

Swingers clubs near departure Cruise Terminal Hamburg:

Want to meet other swingers during your regular vacation in Germany?

Are you not looking for an entire swinger holiday, but would you like to meet a local swinger couple during your regular holiday? Maybe to meet at their home or to give you a tour of their city and the accompanying swinger scene? That’s no problem. Through the platform below you will find interested swingers in just about every country in the world.