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If you are exploring the Dutch swingers club scene, this club should of course not be missed. Fun4two has built a name that goes far beyond our national borders. This was noticeable when we arrived at the same time as a couple from Singapore during our first visit. As soon as you drive up the driveway you notice that this club is really something special. After a welcome in style, you can explore the club. What is striking is the attention that has been paid to the dance floor and the restaurant behind it. This restaurant looks like an atmospheric square in the center of Amsterdam. The club has a huge wellness complex with a large jacuzzi, beautiful sauna and an attractive tantra area where you can make love in peace. Outside there is an attractive swimming pool where pool parties are regularly organized in the summer when the weather is nice. The food is of high quality. The same goes for the drinks. So no dredge wines or B-brand liqueurs, but just the real stuff. Much attention has also been paid to the swingers section. For example, there is a beautifully designed courtyard that looks like the Amsterdam ramparts. But also many themed rooms. All in all, the Fun4two is a swingers club where we would like to come back more often.

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